Media Articles – August-November 2011

Between August 2011 and May 2012 a Calderdale SOS activist uploaded a lot of links to Media articles that may be of interest to campaigners against the cuts. Calderdale SOS is no longer able to run such a comprehensive service. However we would welcome being informed about any media coverage that may be of interest. Please e-mail:


November 2011

Osborne’s autumn statement shows a Britain worse than it was in the 1970’s. Larry Elliot (30/11)

29/11/11 – A turning point in British history Paul Mason, Newsnight (30/11)

More than half of the Tory party’s donations since the general election have come from individuals and businesses working in finance (30/11)

Serwotka v Maude on Newsnight – (30/11)

Autumn statement study by IFS predicts lost decade for UK living standards (30/11)


1972: When the Workers Beat the Tories (30/11)

Green Party supports N30 strike (30/11)

Ten questions for Chancellor George Osborne (29/11)

From todbuddha (29/11) Zuccotti Park: What Future?

Latest UK GDP data even worse than it looks By Michael Burke (27/11)


TUC Economic Report – Over the next four years £83bn of spending cuts & £29bn of tax rises will only cut the deficit by £56bn following coalition fiscal tightening and a wage freeze that has led over the past year to a collapse in demand. (26/11)

N30 demo: join the private sector wealth creators’ bloc (25/11)

Krugman: We are the 99.9% (26/11)

How Occupy stopped the supercommittee and its assault on social security (23/11)

‘Worst ever’ German debt auction hits markets – ‘The London stock market just suffered its eighth day of losses in a row – the worst losing streak in nearly nine years, which has wiped over £100bn off the value of Britain’s biggest listed companies’. (23/11).


Patients must watch loop of Health Secretary unless they register with £5-a day TV system. (22/11)

Is a Cinderella service tolerable for 3 million over 80? (23/11)

For corporate welfare queens and their crystal baths, there is no benefit cap (22/11)

Deborah Hargreaves, chair of the High Pay Commission reports that excessive top pay & bonuses are damaging society & the economy as a whole (22/11)

Egypt on verge of ‘general strike’ (22/11)


The billionaire Virgin boss is no radical, he’s no entrepreneur, he’s just a plain old-fashioned carpetbagger (22/11)

Left gains in Spanish elections (21/11)

The relentless belief in the supremacy of the market has left doctors disheartened, writes a GP who has worked in the NHS for 20 years (21/11)

Tory sub-prime mortgage scam exposed Left Futures (21/11)

Analysis of the occupy movement (20/11)


Owen Jones (author of ‘chavs’) believes ‘The age of consensus is over’ (19/11)

Why Osborne is wrong on the Robin Hood Tax By Simon Chouffot ,the Robin Hood Tax campaign’s spokesperson – 19 November

Don’t let the cuts turn back time on women’s equality False economy (18/11)

Something happened at the end of August to terrify policymakers. David Blanchflower (18/11)

Osborne sells Northen Rock to Branson at a £400m loss after bonuses paid out and keeps us on the hook for £20bn worth of the “bad bank”, Northern Rock (Asset Management), that holds the 125% mortgages. (17/11)


De-Industrialisation of the British economy : ‘There’s Northern Rock, of course, which was a great success story until it collapsed.’ by Aditya Chakrabortty (16/11)

Rising unemployment and failing Osborne (16/11)

Even by his own standards, Osborne is a failure (16/11)

NHS under attack (16/11)

Eurozone bonds hit by mass sell-off as the banking crisis enters a dangerous new phase ( 15/11)


Profits and Austerity In the Industrialised Economies By Michael Burke Monday, 14 November 2011

Larry Elliott, Guardian economics editor (Sunday 13 November 2011) believes the eurozone crisis was wholly predictable and the attempts to save the single currency will make things worse.

Cable’s Keynesian plan B spending up to £50bn for housing, power stations, super-fast broadband and roads (13/11)

Strike ballot makes history for women More than 700,000 women were balloted by the union – the largest number of women covered by an industrial action ballot in UK history. (12/11)

Can Europe pull back from the brink of total economic chaos? “Newsnight’s Paul Mason and the FT’s Gillian Tett weigh up the options and make their predictions”. (11/11)


The disconnect of politics from the reality out there (Left futures 11/11)

I want the right to see Bob Diamond’s tax return (11/11) Prem Sikka

Private companies’ involvement in healthcare (10/11)

Paul Krugman (10/11) debunks some of the myths around the Eurozone crisis.


October 2011

PENSION protests in the North West on the TUC’s Day of Action on November 30th.

Michael Burke writes on Sunday, 9 October 2011: GDP Data Show UK Stagnation Is Home Grown & Due to Government Policy.


August 2011

Paul Krugman 19/08/11 writes: “things are looking really terrible, And crucially, they’re looking terrible in the wrong way….. We’ve been utterly preoccupied with deficits, deficits, deficits; there was supposedly a crisis looming, but a crisis that would take the form of an attack by the bond vigilantes. And here we are, with markets now deeply worried not by deficits but by stalling growth, fearing not fiscal profligacy but fiscal austerity, and with interest rates at historic lows.”

Thur 18 August 2011 Samira Shackle writes: “Downing Street says it will defend the City from a financial transaction tax that EU leaders claim could raise billions.”

Tamar Shlaim 12 August 2011 writes: “Feral, slash-and-burn capitalism is the new normal – David Harvey on the UK riots”

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