Media Articles – December 2011

Between August 2011 and May 2012 a Calderdale SOS activist uploaded a lot of links to Media articles that may be of interest to campaigners against the cuts. Calderdale SOS is no longer able to run such a comprehensive service. However we would welcome being informed about any media coverage that may be of interest. Please e-mail:


Economy: The failure of Osbornomics. Guardian (29/12)

CCGs will literally tell patients that they are not yet in enough pain for the NHS to pay for their hip operation, or they are not blind enough for a cataract operation. Such patients, understandably, will look to their savings, or will cash in a life insurance policy, or raid their pension fund, indeed anything to find the money to pay for the operation they desperately need. NHS vault (28/12)

NHS cuts have affected patient care say 4 out of 5 doctors Guardian (28/12)

There is nothing — nothing — in what we see suggesting that this current depression is more than a problem of inadequate demand. This could be turned around in months with the right policies. New York Times (28/12)

Today’s Northern Echo front page. Red shows the biggest public sector cuts – green the smallest. Northern Echo (27/12)

“With NHS hospitals able to devote half of their beds to private patients, people will begin to see how our hospitals will never be the same again if Cameron’s Health Bill gets through Parliament.” BBC (27/12)

Britain’s poorest hit by £2.5bn ‘stealth tax’ Independent (27/12)

Over the cycle as a whole, the effect is neutral, but Employment Protection Legislation tends to promote greater overall stability, with smaller employment swings from boom to bust. (Liberal conspiracy/TUC 26/12)

… falling real incomes, austerity and the crisis in the eurozone .. explains why bond yields are so low. Guardian (25/12)

Union branches and trades councils are already organising for a no vote and to put pressure on their executives LEAP (25/12)

The exaggerated notion of the UK’s dependence on ‘financialisation’. lobster magasine (24/12)

Steve Bell on Cameron at Christmas Guardian (23/12)

The growth outlook is sharply deteriorating in both France and Britain … Both governments are pursuing ‘austerity’ policies which are clearly not working. Socialist Economic bulletin (23/12)

PCS has refused to sign the heads of agreement, saying nothing has changed since before the strike on November 30th, with workers still expected to work longer, pay more and receive less.

UNISON and GMB have signed up to the agreement, promising further talks in the New Year, while EIS, NUSUWT, NUT, UCU and Unite have refused, saying they will consult their members first. Union news (23/12)

Austerity reduces growth prospects, leading to calls for even more austerity. New York Times (22/12)

Our financial sector, however, holds over 600 per cent of Britain’s GDP in debt, and as we reported earlier today, the Vickers report is doing nothing to stop that proportion growing. Left foot forward (22/12)

HMRC has a cosy relationship with the tax avoidance industry Left Economics Advisory Panel (21/12)

…’freedom’ an instrument of oppression Guardian (21/12)

..the City as a “source of systemic instability, unfettered greed and industrial scale tax dodging” Guardian (21/12)

GMB, Unison and Unite have suspended their pensions agreement with the government after a letter from Eric Pickles laid down new conditions outside the agreement. Union news (20/12)

As the Big Six energy companies rake in profits of 700% and the government freezes the fuel allowance, it’s time to tell the Big Six and the government that we’ve had enough! Fuel Poverty Action (20/12)

.. members of UNISON’s national executive said on Twitter: ” We have NOT agreed to any deal on pensions in the NHS or Local Govt. What we do next is up to our elected service groups.” Union news (20/12)

Details are emerging of negotiations between officials and unions in local government, health, teaching and the civil service Union news (19/12)

Why the banking reforms proposed by Vickers today are ineffectual liberal conspiracy (19/12)

Revealed: how City fees are eating into our pensions Observer 18/12)

Are we really heading for a second Great Depression? Guardian (16/12)

Mr Nuno Santos said Europe’s southern states should join forces to resist the austerity dictates and contractionary policies being imposed by the core powers. Telegraph (16/12)

Austerity doesn’t work – it’s going to get worse in 2012. Left Economics Advisory Panel (14/12)
Edwina Currie … claimed northerners were dying from “ignorance and chips”. Independent (14/12)

Have we ever been so badly served by the press? Guardian (13/12)

…if governments are compelled to impose austerity to regain an irrational loss of investor confidence, then the market would needlessly turn Europe’s incipient recession into something very nasty: Guardian (13/12)

EU Summit Is Another Failure for ‘Austerity’ Socialist economic bulletin (12/12)
Establishment view on ‘Cameron’s catastrophic decision on EU’ Financial Times (12/12)

This could be what kills the coalition Observer (11/12)

Lessons from Europe New York Times (10/12)

The battle against privatisation New Statesman (1o/12)
What European leaders are describing as “fiscal union” is very nearly the opposite New York Times (10/12)

Cameron is out of the champion’s league because of domestic political weakness Sturdyblog (10/12)

10 reasons why Cameron might gain from the EU deal. Liberal conspiracy (10/12)

David Cameron will have spared the City of London from a financial transactions tax but the rest of the country will be laid waste. Guardian (9/12)

François Hollande’s social democrat alternative to Mercozy’s neoliberalism (9/12)

How will the two speed Europe get into gear? Paul Mason, Newsnight (9/12)

50% of Tory funds come from City Guardian (9/12)

Sign Pat’s petition against cuts to disability services False economy (8/12)

Obama on Occupy Wall Street The Nation (7/12)

George Osborne Shows He’s Learnt Nothing from Greece or Ireland (5/12)

A New York spider gave me an insight into US private healthcare Laurie Penny (5/12)

Welcome to the living dead economy Larry Elliot ,Guardian (5/12)

Health inequalities today between the richest and poorest are worse than they were in the 1920s (5/12)

How inequality fuelled the crash – and is halting recovery. False economy (4/12)

In Italy, an advisor of Goldman Sachs – seen by many as the crooked firm who cooked the books of Southern European economies at the root of current troubles – has been appointed to solve the problem. (4/12)

Every bit of British life which can be subjected to market forces is being offered up to the knife. (3/12)

George Osborne’s 2011 austerity measures kickstart the inexorable separation of rich and poor (3/12)

The chief executive of the CQC, Cynthia Bower, paid more than £195,000 a year, was formerly chief executive of the NHS West Midlands’ strategic health authority, where she was responsible for supervising the performance of Stafford hospital during the time of the scandal.

Desperate Osborne’s Subsidies to Businesses Won’t Work Michael Burke (2/12)

Democracy now on Nov 30th strikes (2/12)

Measures in Autumn Statement will cost women three times as much as men (2/12)

Halifax 30 November 2011

Strike action sees 400 take part in Town Hall Demo (Halifax Courier 1/12)

Like the Somme, it’s not just the brutality of Osborne’s budget, it’s the futility Left futures (1/12)

This strike could start to turn the tide of a generation (1/12)


Steve Keenaudio interview (1/12)


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