Media Articles – March 2012

Between August 2011 and May 2012 a Calderdale SOS activist uploaded a lot of links to Media articles that may be of interest to campaigners against the cuts. Calderdale SOS is no longer able to run such a comprehensive service. However we would welcome being informed about any media coverage that may be of interest. Please e-mail:


Government reviews NHS constitution and involves Virgin Care. False economy (31/3)

Measuring the economy – rethinking the growth obsession. LEAP (31/3)

…ambulances in Yorkshire are running short of petrol, … due to “self-inflicted insanity”. Guardian (30/3)

…research highlights GP conflict of interest risk. False economy (29/3)

George Galloway wins Bradford West byelection. Guardian (29/3)


UK is back in recession, OECD says. Guardian (30/3)

A short history of privatisation in the UK: 1979-2012. Guardian (29/3)

Nottingham teachers walk out over ‘no summer holiday’ plans. Union news (29/3)

Education system could be completely privatised by 2015, union predicts. Guardian (29/3)

Technical recession or not, the UK economy is sick. Guardian (28/3)


Teaching unions are reporting ‘solid support for a London-wide strike over the government’s proposed pensions cuts. Union news (28/3)

… the very rich now take home such huge salaries and bonuses for doing no more than they did 30 years ago.. explains the increase in the tax they pay. False economy (28/3)

Michael Hintze, a leading Conservative party donor who runs the £5bn hedge fund CQS, has emerged as a financial backer of the climate sceptic thinktank..Guardian (28/3)

NHS draft risk register.. points to danger of emergencies being less well managed and increased use of private sector driving up costs. Guardian (27/3)

Massive turnout as Unite drivers vote to strike over safety. Union news (26/3)


The true face of Toryism is now being exposed. Left Futures (26/3)

Who are the super-rich beneficiaries from this Budget? Left Futures (26/3)

Another Budget for the benefit of the Landed against the Landless. LEAP (24/3)

The consequences of ever vanishing corporation tax revenues. LEAP (23/3)

Latest YouGov/The Sun results 22nd March CON 34%, LAB 42%, LD 9%; (23/3)


… the embrace of austerity by policy and political elites …was an almost inconceivably terrible blunder. New York Times (23/3)

The Office for Budget Responsibility’s credibility is in tatters. Independent (22/3)

Budget 2012: Cynical, deluded and regressive. Guardian (22/3)

The most dishonest Budget ever? LEAP (22/3)

All the nastiest Tory prejudices … will be in this Budget. Left Futures (19/3)


Why cutting Corporation Tax won’t help the British economy. Liberal Conspiracy (19/3)

Who are the rich that Osborne is pandering to? Left Futures (19/3)

Doctors opposed to NHS reforms to stand against coalition MPs in election. Guardian (19/3)

Ministers lied to push through NHS reforms, Labour peer claims. Guardian (19/3)

Regional pay on top of pay cuts and job cuts from a government meaner than Thatcher’s. Left Futures (18/3)


George Osborne’s budget will mirror Europe’s Ebola economics. Guardian (18/3)

Progress – Labour’s Blairite faction – is … sponsored this year by the British Venture Capital Association. Left futures (18/3)

Public sector cuts will hit women hard. Guardian (18/3)

Greece on the breadline: HIV and malaria make a comeback. Guardian (17/3)

Why Greg Smith was right about Goldman Sachs. Guardian (16/3)


The common sense that governed us for a generation has collapsed. We are living in revolutionary times, whether we like it or not. Aljazeera (16/3)

… we face not just years of austerity, but the final dissolution of the postwar welfare state in Europe. LEAP (15/3)

The big US-UK divide ..There are two ways to deal with a big budget deficit: one is by cutting back expenditure (austerity) and the other is growth to expand revenues (stimulus).. Left futures (15/3)

what’s wrong with the argument that when times are tough the government should tighten its belt. NY Times (15/3)

Noam Chomsky on the Occupy movement, and the possibilities for social change (13/3)


Guardian response to Shirley Williams on the LibDems’ role in abolishing the NHS (13/3)

Remploy: another privatisation scam? Left futures (11/3)

Health and Social Care Bill 2011: a legal basis for charging and providing fewer health services to people in England Allyson Pollock (11/3)

Rail privatisation has failed – and the NHS is hurtling down the same track. Guardian (10/3)

So what is “financial repression“? Put simply it is a combination of inflation and capital controls designed to erode the value of debts – and therefore of savings. (Newsnight 10/3)


Statement by Professor Allyson Pollock, David Price and Peter Roderick in response to the Lib Dem “40 points” document (10/3)

Liberal Democrat MPs ‘insult’ man with HIV who raised concerns over the ‘privatisation’ health bill. Union news (9/3)

Another credit crunch looms. New statesman (8/3)

Calm down, dears? Why it’s a bad time to be a British woman. Guardian (8/3)

Police are linked to blacklist of construction workers. Observer (6/3)


How Ayn Rand became the new right’s version of Marx. Her psychopathic ideas made billionaires feel like victims and turned millions of followers into their doormats. Guardian (6/3)

What now for Greece – collapse or resurrection? Guardian (5/3)

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is deceiving the British public about the true adverse impact of his health bill, as a crunch tribunal hearing will today decide whether the risk register on the bill’s implications should be made public Union news (5/3)

5 things you need to know about the legal aid bill. False economy (4/3)

An amazing day of action against workfare Boycott workfare (4/3)


Police are linked to blacklist of construction workers Guardian (4/3)

Private companies could take responsibility for investigating crimes, patrolling neighbourhoods and even detaining suspects under a radical privatisation plan being put forward by two of the largest police forces in the country. Guardian (3/3)

Grayling caught fibbing on his voluntary work experience scheme, which is really mandatory unpaid labour (1/3)

Now, we have to assume, there is corruption at the heart of major British institutions with better reputations than parliament. The medical profession, the prison service, the civil service, the armed forces? Newsnight (1/3)

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