Lobby NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Executive

NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group must







Lobby the NHS Clinical Commissioning Executive Meeting

Thursday 17 January, 1.15pm

at F Mill, Dean Clough, Dean Clough Road / Lee Bridge (next to the Travelodge, entrance via Gate 9)


The first meeting of the NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Executive that has made open to the public takes place on 17 January, 2pm in the Manor and Bankfield Rooms, 5th Floor, F Mill, Dean Clough. A copy of the Calderdale SOS leaflet for our lobby of this meeting can be downloaded here. Please circulate this to friends and colleagues.


The Government has given its new NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups enormous powers to privatise our NHS.

NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group is already inviting Private Healthcare providers to promote their services to the CCG Board.

In 2012, Virgin Healthcare took over part of the Dermatology service for a year in Calderdale.

The Government has ordered three services -Audiology and Hearing, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Non-Obstetric Ultrasound in Calderdale to be commissioned via the “Any Qualified Provider” initiative. This is another route to increased private provision of NHS Services. Psychological Therapies are already provided under this initiative.

We call on NHS Calderdale CCG to do its utmost to maintain a comprehensive, publicly run Health Service in Calderdale.

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