Halifax Library Campaign

Don't Bulldoze Our Library


Next Day of Action 

Friday 21st September between 11am – 2pm outside Calderdale Central Library

Don’t Bulldoze Our Library will be encouraging people to sign the DBOL Flyers saying they support DBOL’s aims of keeping the Library on Northgate, as well as to take part in the official consultation. As usual, we would like as big a turnout as possible, so if you care about the future of Calderdale Library and Archives, please come along and show your support.


Click to download Don’t Bulldoze Our Libraries’ Flyer.


Need proof of how strong local opinion is against the

demolition of the Central Library & Archives?


2 Hour Petition Result: 1,268 Say NO to relocating the Library!

On Saturday 21 July DBOL held a 2 hour petition – between 10:00am and 12:00pm 1,268 people signed our petition which said:

“Having reviewed the latest consultation document “Your Calderdale, Your Future” we the undersigned wish to confirm our support for the Central Library & Archive remaining where it is.”

Another protest over Halifax library demolition plans Halifax Courier 12.7.12



Calderdale Council have appointed Ipsos Mori, one of the country’s largest and best known research companies, to conduct the latest consultation on plans to demolish Halifax Central Library. Click here to read the Council’s press release.

The above was originally published on Calderdale SOS adds:

Calderdale Council is also being recommended to adopt a “Halifax Town Centre Office Strategy”. Click to read the report by the Council’s Director – Economy and Environment.

Part of this strategy is to vacate and dispose of the Council Offices at Northgate House and in the strategy £830,000 is budgetted to separate the utility services to Northgate House and the Library. However, the strategy still regards the Halifax Library and Northgate House site as “appropriate for retail development”, whereas “The Council has been advised that the retention of the Central Library and Archive and disposal of the Northgate House part of the site only is not considered to be attractive for retail redevelopment on its own”.

Calderdale Council maintains that “it is crucial that the consultation process is conducted openly and without bias”. The next few months will see whether this happens in practice.

Another area of concern is that the Strategy proposes to dispose of Horton House, the Adult Education Centre in Halifax. While the report concentrates on providing additional workstations for council officers at Westgate House and Princess Buildings, no mention is made of what will become of Adult Education facilities in Halifax.

To read about past campaigns including Halifax MP Linda Riordan writing in the Morning Star click here

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