Keep Our NHS Public

Andrew Lansley’s hated Health and Social Care Act became law in March 2012. Calderdale Save Our Services fears the Act will lead to the break-up of the NHS as key public services become privatised.

Some of the new Clinical Commissioning Groups have welcomed public pressure against privatising NHS Services. Sadly, this doesn’t appear to be the case in Calderdale as can be seen from this question that was asked at the January Meeting of NHS Calderdale Shadow Clinical Commissioning Executive.

38 Degrees commissioned specialist lawyers to draw up amendments to clinical commissioning groups’ constitutions with the objective of setting a clear constitutional framework for safeguarding the NHS in a way that is compatible with the legal requirements of the Health and Social Care Act. While NHS Calderdale CCG said initially it would consider these amendments, at the January meeting, Dr Matt Walsh, the Chief Officer bluntly said that the CCG was not going to amend its constitution.

A Summary of the new NHS structure in Calderdale can be found here.


Fight for the NHS



Over 1,000 Calderdale residents have signed a 38 Degrees petition calling on NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group to protect the National Health Service as a public service. More than 30 people who signed this petition attended a meeting in November 2012 to discuss presenting it to NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group along with amendments to Clinical Commissioning Group constitutions drawn up by specialist lawyers for 38 Degrees.

The Organiser of the 38 Degrees meeting joined with the Secretary of Calderdale Save Our Services to write to Dr Matt Walsh, Chief Officer designate of NHS Calderdale CCG asking to present the Calderdale NHS petition to the next Clinical Commissioning Executive meeting. Dr Walsh was also sent the 38 Degrees report to CCGs, which contains the proposed constitutional amendments. Click here to read the e-mail.

Calderdale Save Our Services organised a lobby of the first public meeting of the NHS Calderdale Shadow Clinical Commissioning Executive on 17 January 2013. More information here. Report on here.

Keep our NHS public



• Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust: Ring the membership office on 01484 347342 or e-mail or fill in the online form at

• South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Trust (Mental Health): Ring 01924 327567 or e-mail

• Yorkshire Ambulance Service: e-mail or phone 01924 584567.

It will help us all to monitor what’s going on in the NHS. Membership is free and members can attend board meetings of the Trust and elect the majority of the Trust’s Governors from time to time. The Executive Board of a Foundation Trust is accountable to the Trust’s Governors.


We will update this page as the Campaign to Defend OUR NHS in Calderdale develops.

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