Media Articles – January 2012

Between August 2011 and May 2012 a Calderdale SOS activist uploaded a lot of links to Media articles that may be of interest to campaigners against the cuts. Calderdale SOS is no longer able to run such a comprehensive service. However we would welcome being informed about any media coverage that may be of interest. Please e-mail:


14,500 tax advisors in “solid” PCS strike. Union news (31/1)

Lords failed to improve the NHS Bill – we must step up the campaign. False economy (29/1)

Left economists labelled Chancellor George Osborne “chronically delusional” today after he attempted to play the strong man by promising tough financial regulation. LEAP (29/1)

As one member of Thatcher’s cabinet cynically observed: “We used North Sea revenues to finance unemployment.” Observer (29/1)

… perhaps it’s finally time to heed Marx’s words, and stand up for workers everywhere. Observer editorial (29/1)


George Osborne urged business to make the case for the scrapping of the 50% income tax rate as he gave his clearest signal yet of his desire to reduce taxes on the wealthy. Guardian (28/1)

Clegg sheds crocodile tears for the poor. LEAP (28/1)

Minus 0.2 percent! Cameron can run but he can’t hide. Left futures (27/1)

A single mother desperately seeking a discretionary social fund loan in order to keep her lights on would find it baffling that Mr Clegg accepts the necessity of scrapping the fund at the same time as he pushes a tax cut worth the best part of £1,000 a year to a childless couple of solicitors earning £75,000 each. Guardian (26/1)

Hollande: “If there are sacrifices to be made then it will be for the wealthiest to make them” (26/1)


UK economy: dismal GDP figures spell trouble for George Osborne. Guardian (25/1)

Hester’s payout is taxpayer money. As chief executive of a bank that is 83% owned by taxpayers, Hester is as much a public-sector worker as anyone behind the desk at your local JobCentre. Guardian (25/1).

Only a maximum wage can end the great pay robbery Guardian (24/1)

The six myths of IDS’s benefits cap. Left foot forward (24/1)

Introducing the Austerity Curve. False economy (24/1)


“Why don’t you tackle directly the excessive rents being charged by private landlords rather than making tenants the victim,” Left futures (24/1)

… there is money available now, and will be even more in 2015. Guardian (24/1)

Pay freeze to last until 2020 for millions Guardian (23/1)

Offshore tax-dodging makes a farce of austerity Left Futures (23/1)

“Who is my adversary? It is the world of finance.” Hollande Guardian (23/1)


Health reform in new crisis as MPs savage Andrew Lansley’s plans. Observer (22/1)

Time to pull the plug on this unloved health bill. New Statesman (22/1)

‘Empowering’ shareholders won’t revolutionise corporate culture. LEAP (20/1)

Firms like Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s would vet financial strength of NHS service providers under regulator’s proposals Guardian (19/1)

Nurses’ concerns about NHS reform have been largely ignored Guardian (19/1)


UK unemployment increases by 118,000 to 2.69m. BBC news (19/1)

Unison accuses Ed Miliband of ‘breathtaking naivety’ over cuts Guardian (19/1)

Health bill could herald a new wave of hospital charges. False economy (18/1)

… Greece and Portugal probably still go bust at some point, and there is a political crisis in Hungary…. Newsnight blog (18/1)

Two Eds aren’t better than none LEAP (18/1)


‘Welfare reform has us terrified’ – families facing the worst speak out Guardian (18/1)

Job cuts will have “devastating” impact in regions, says TUC research Union news (17/1)

By embracing cuts, Ed Balls and Ed Miliband have left all those who stand against them disenfranchised. Guardian (17/1)

The incredible shrinking UK economy Key Trends in Globalisation (16/1)

What is Ed Balls up to? Left Futures (16/1)


The shadow chancellor’s capitulation on cuts and public sector pay offers vindication for the Tories’ economic strategy, even as it is proven to fail. New Statesman (15/1)

Eurozone in new crisis as ratings agency downgrades nine countries. Guardian (14/1)

EU: from substitute Empire to German protectorate 21st century socialism (14/1)

In early 1940, it was widely felt in Britain that Hitler “had missed the bus” by not attacking in the west straight after the invasion of Poland. He hadn’t, as the invasions of Norway, the Low Countries and France showed. This phoney war is unlikely to last that long. Guardian (4/1)


… the big danger for the eurozone’s weaker economies is that public and private sectors will seek to retrench simultaneously. This is a recipe for deep and prolonged slumps. Financial times (4/1)

An insult to the memory of Beveridge Guardian (4/1)

Liam Byrne’s Capitulation Labour list (4/1)

UK stagnation turns to risk of double-dip recession Socialist Economic Bulletin (3/1)

£16 billion in means-tested benefits and tax credits that currently goes unclaimed every year CAB (3/1)


Be warned, George Osborne, austerity will be bad for your ratings. Guardian (2/1)

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