Horton House – Question to Cabinet Meeting


Save Horton House


The following question was asked by a Calderdale SOS Supporter at the Calderdale Council Cabinet Meeting on Monday 10 December 2012:


“Following Cllr Swift’s answer to questions about the future of Horton House at the Council meeting on 28th November, why does the council plan to make a final decision about relocating the Adult Learning Service in the next few weeks but not consult learners until after this final decision has been made? Who is going to make this so-called final decision? Where in Halifax Town Centre will the Council be able to provide facilities for Adult Learning that are as good as or better than Horton House?”


The answer we received is as follows:


“Work is continuing by officers to make sure we fully understand the requirements of the Adult Learning Service and its users before we make a final decision about relocating these services. This review is being undertaken in consultation with colleagues from the Adult Learning Service to make sure the needs of the service and its users are properly understood and reflected in whichever alternative location is proposed.

“As I said in my answer to the question (about Horton House) at full Council, I want to make sure that there is also careful consultation with the existing users at Horton Street, and I am happy to meet with them as part of this consultation process.

“The decision by Council in July 2012 gave approval to vacation and disposal of Horton House as part of the programme of Halifax Town Centre Office Strategy, but this is subject to implementation being delegated to the Director – Economy and Environment, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Economy and Environment and the Head of Democratic and Partnership Services.

“It will be the decision of this group working in conjunction with the Adult Learning Service on whether to proceed with vacation and disposal of Horton House and relocation of services to an appropriate alternative location. This decision will only be taken when the findings are available from the officer’s review. The alternative location has yet to be confirmed.”


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