Media Articles – February 2012

Between August 2011 and May 2012 a Calderdale SOS activist uploaded a lot of links to Media articles that may be of interest to campaigners against the cuts. Calderdale SOS is no longer able to run such a comprehensive service. However we would welcome being informed about any media coverage that may be of interest. Please e-mail:


A poignant series of images exposes the reality of what it is like to be a poor child living in Britain today. New Statesman (29/2)

Leftwing disruption of sporting events: a proud tradition. Left Futures (29/2)

Leading conservative commentators demand: give votes to corporations, remove them from the poor Guardian (29/2)

NHS bill: goodbye comprehensive healthcare, hello private insurance. Guardian (29/2)

The … National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence … investigate treatments and operations for what works and what not to do, … The drug companies set themselves against Nice from the start. Guardian (28/2)


Austerity Isn’t Working – time to invest in growth and jobs. Left Futures (28/2)

Out of 27 EU countries, only Estonia has a higher level of poverty among unemployed people than this country. Guardian (28/2)

Far from alienating middle America, the progressive movement has captured the public and political imagination. Guardian (27/2)

Proof that Workfare is indeed slavery. The green benches (26/2)

Blair’s inner circle Alan Milburn .. predicts:”Austerity is the new normal” LEAP (26/2)


Cameron’s new target – how quickly he can privatise NHS care. False econony (25/2)

Jobseekers forced to clean private homes and offices for nothing Guardian (25/2)

David Harvey: Greece should default (25/2):


UK-wide day of action against workfare – Saturday 3rd March Boycott workfare (25/2)
Living on the edge: pay in local government False economy (25/2)

Cameron: Fighter for big business LEAP (25/2)


Workfare – what does the evidence show? Liberal conspiracy (23/2)

Talleyrand said of the Bourbon dynasty that ruled France both before and after that country’s revolution: “They have learned nothing and have forgotten nothing.” Today, with the same shortsightedness, Europe’s leaders stick unblinkingly to policies that the whole world can see have already failed. Washington post (23/2)

Revealed: the reality behind Workfare and why it doesn’t work Liberal Conspiracy (22/2)

How Cameron’s NHS cheats waiting-list figures. Guardian (22/2)

“Excluding us from NHS summit will not shut us up” – UNISON (19/2)


Lib Dems get £540k from Alpha Healthcare.  Green Benches (18/2)

Camerons hospital trip. No staff talk to him. One shouts criticism, gets disciplinary action.  Green Benches (18/2)

Unemployment, the economy and the new slave labour LEAP (18/2)

Just as the combined might of the IMF and the Greek government is pulling economic levers that do not work, the more insidious problem is that they are pulling political strings that are broken. newsnight (18/2)

Andrew Lansley faces questions after leaked emails reveal at least 25 senior staff have salaries paid to companies. Guardian (17/2)


Disabled people face unlimited unpaid work or cuts in benefit. Guardian (17/2)

As primary schools struggle to cope with the disruption caused to children, a council officer declares: ‘To live in Westminster is a privilege, not a right’. Guardian (17/2)

UK “total unemployment” rate more than 6 million – says TUC Union news (14/2}

The decision by Moody’s to put the UK’s prized AAA credit rating on negative outlook is a bitter blow to George Osborne. Guardian (14/2)

Three ways we could end the big six ‘Energy Fix’ Liberal conspiracy (14/2)


All in this together? False economy (14/2)

All eyes are fixed on Athens, but the way out of the crisis requires a choice about what kind of Europe we want. The one we have now, with its deep structural inequalities and its rigid adherence to a failed economic ideology, protects neither democracy nor human rights. Guardian (13/2)

Media finally expose problems over the NHS Bill Liberal Conspiracy (12/2)

RBS bankers arrested in tax fraud investigation. Observer (12/2)

62% of voters do not trust ministers on the health service. Observer (12/2)


France’s… leftwing candidate in April’s presidential elections, has built up a commanding lead in the polls by attacking big finance. Guardian (12/2)

Cameron and the Confidence Fairy.  New York Times (12/2)

Key dangers in the Health and Social Care bill. False economy (11/2)

Austerity is turning Germany into a basket case too Guardian (10/2)

Do not bow your heads! Resist!” Reuters (10/2)


The Germans want the Greeks out. Guardian (10/2)

The City expects the Bank of England to introduce another round of quantitative easing this week. Guardian (7/2)

It’s not just bankers, it’s lawyers too. Left Futures (7/2)

As the cuts bite and growth stagnates, who will challenge our reckless bankers? Left futures (6/2)

Charities say an increase in public abuse towards disabled people is due to government focus on alleged benefit fraud and disability cuts. Guardian (6/2)


John Nash, the chairman of Care UK, gave £21,000 to fund Andrew Lansley’s personal office in November. Telegraph (5/2)

income tax rates for the richest should rise from 50% – why not make that rate 60%, throw a 50% rate in at £100,000 and let’s hit £200,000+ earners with 65%? LEAP (5/2)

The verdict is in – the Chancellor’s austerity measures have failed New Statesman (4/2)

Who to blame for the Great Recession? Guardian (4/2).

NHS reform: the government wilfully ignores experts False economy (3/2)


UNISON welcome GP opposition to health bill Union news (3/2)

GMB warns government: “pensions agreement still a long way off” Union news (2/2)

Mark Steel on Question Time (2/2)


The IFS economic forecast: one silver lining, five heavy black clouds. Guardian (2/2)

The EU’s fiscal compact – the most boring suicide note in history? new economics foundation (2/2)


The truth about health “reform”: it’s the demolition of the NHS. Clare Sambrook (1/2)

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