E-mail to NHS Calderdale CCG


The following is the text of the e-mail sent by the Organiser of the 38 Degrees Calderdale NHS Get Together and the Secretary of Calderdale Save Our Services to Dr Matt Walsh, the Chief Officer designate of NHS Calderdale CCG:


Subject: 38 Degrees NHS Petition and Proposed Amendments for CCG Constitutions

“Dear Matt Walsh

We are e-mailing following a meeting of over 30 local people who have signed the NHS petition promoted by 38 Degrees. This petition calls on Calderdale CCG to protect local NHS services, prevent local health services from being broken up and to consult patients before making changes.

Further, 38 Degrees has commissioned specialist lawyers to draw up suggested amendments to the NHS Commissioning Board’s (NCB) Model constitution for clinical commissioning groups. The object of these amendments is to improve the NCB draft by setting a clear constitutional framework for safeguarding the NHS in a way that is compatible with the legal requirements of the Health and Social Care Act.

We have attached to this e-mail a copy of “Clinical Commissioning Groups: Protecting our NHS together”, which is the report for CCG’s that has been drawn up by 38 Degrees. Details of the proposed amendments for CCG Constitutions are included in this report.

We hope that NHS Calderdale CCG will work in partnership with local people in maintaining the National Health Service as a public service. The 38 Degrees constitutional amendments have been adopted by NHS City and Hackney CCG and we urge NHS Calderdale CCG to do likewise. In Calderdale, over 1,000 residents have signed the 38 Degrees petition.

We would therefore like to present the 38 Degrees Calderdale NHS petition to the next NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Executive Meeting. We would also like to address the NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Executive meeting on these matters. Please would you advise us as to when NHS Calderdale CCE meets next and make the necessary arrangements for us to present our petition and to address the meeting.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to your response.”



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