Council Cuts 2012

Stop The Cuts


Council workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will have their pay frozen for a third consecutive year.

The Local Government Association confirmed a pay freeze for 1.6 million local government employees for 2012/13.

In Calderdale more than 250 jobs are under threat  in a new cuts package of over £3 million – including job losses in health, education and other services.

Trades unionists lobbied Calderdale Council’s Budget meeting at Halifax Town Hall on 27 February.



From the Halifax Courier (28/2):

ABOUT 250 jobs will be axed in the three-year budget approved last night by Calderdale Council’s Lib-Lab coalition.

Most will be in health and social care, children and young people’s services.

The council expects to save £1 million a year by reducing nursery provision in Sure Start children’s centres in 2014 and axing up to 63 jobs.

Another 21 could go by reorganising education improvement services and passing on more responsibilities to schools, eventually saving £755,000 a year.

Closing Heathy House Care Home, Holmfield, Halifax, will result in 43 job losses and save £300,000 a year, while closing the Chatham Street Centre, Halifax, which is used by disabled people, will mean 16 more staff having to go.

Reorganising the learning disability supported living service will save £100,000 and cost 20 jobs and another 40 will be lost by using private firms to deliver home care, which at the same time will save £400,000 a year.

Jobs will also go in the countryside service, which will rely more on volunteers, and nine job losses are expected as a result of cutbacks to customer and cash collection offices. The careers service and education welfare service will shed nearly 20 jobs.

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From  Kate Belgrave on False Economy (16/1)

Over the next three months, councils around the country will begin to agree budgets for 2012. The agreement of these budgets – and the service cuts they entail – will mark the start of the second year of appalling cuts to local government services.

Adult care services, children’s care services, daycentres for people with disabilities, daycentres for the elderly, respite carehomes, libraries, youth centres, youth offices, children’s homes – vital local government services took massive hits around the country in 2011. More will go as the government’s slashing of local government grants continues.
I’m drawing up a list of proposed council cuts around the country, job losses expected and council meetings where cuts proposals will be agreed over the next few months (have also pointed out privatisation threats here and there). Generally, council budgets are agreed in February and March at full council meetings.

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