Calderdale Save Our Services



1. Purpose

1.1. The organisation will be known as Calderdale Save Our Services Campaign (CSOS) and exists for the purposes of:

1.1.2. Campaigning to oppose public service cuts and privatisation by local and central government in the Calderdale local government area.

1.1.3. To support others defending their services and to support similar campaigns and initiatives within the United Kingdom and internationally.


2. Organisation

2.1. CSOS will hold regular organising meetings open to all who support the aims of CSOS to discuss and decide upon activities pursuant to those aims.

2.2 Organising meetings will form the on-going sovereign body of CSOS and outcomes/decisions of meetings will be made available to all supporters.

2.3 The meetings shall have permanent agenda items namely:

2.3.1. Proposed activities and feedback from activities previously decided upon from those organising them.

2.3.2. Feedback from CSOS steering group and matters/proposals/mandates for steering group to act upon.

2.4. All activities are proposed, agreed and endorsed by the organising meetings.

2.5. All attending organising meetings can propose activities, discuss and decide on the issues raised.


3. Supporters                                                                       

3.1  Supporters are all those who make it known they support the aims of CSOS and are prepared to be contacted re: meetings and activities of CSOS.

3.2 Calderdale SOS may raise funds by seeking donations from its Supporters; through organising fund raising benefits and through other means that are compatible with its Aims.

3.3 Supporters can be elected to the Steering Group, vote for elected officers of CSOS and take positions on behalf of CSOS.


4. Steering group and officers

4.1 CSOS will constitute a steering group, consisting of up to 5 people including officers.

4.2 TheAnnual General Meeting or an organising meeting will elect two positions (officers) – Secretary and Treasurer and Steering Group members. Additional elected positions may be decided upon by organising meetings or the AGM. Organising meetings will be able to elect people to fill vacant officer or steering group positions.

4.3 The Steering Group is responsible for taking a strategic overview of the work of CSOS and managing its day to day organisation.

4.4 The Steering group will perform the core functions of facilitating organising meetings (including an AGM), managing finances, and taking responsibility for communications to supporters.

4.5 The Steering Group may provide the organising meetings with advice or recommendations but is accountable to these meetings.

4.6 The Steering group is directed/mandated by organising meetings in relation to managing business and organising activity and will report back to each meeting including the AGM.


5. Revision of constitution                     

5.1 The constitution can be amended by the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting providing a two-thirds majority of those present agree to the amendment.

5.2 Proposed amendments to the constitution must be made known to all known supporters and circulated at least 28 days before the Special General Meeting/AGM at which they will be discussed.


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