Calderdale Council Bedroom Tax motion


The Full Calderdale Council Meeting on 24 April 2013 passed the following motion:


“This Council:

  • Notes that the ‘Bedroom Tax’ (social housing size criteria) will affect over 1200 households in Calderdale.  The Equality impact assessment conducted by the government estimates that two thirds of affected households include a person with a disability.
  • Believes that the policy will fail as forcing tenants to move will in many cases lead to higher benefit payments.
  • Notes that there are now over 4000 people on P2K Housing Keychoice waiting list actively seeking housing in Calderdale.
  • Believes that with house building at the lowest level since the 1920’s, Government should be investing in new social housing in Calderdale, creating real homes, rather than making clumsy and punitive benefit cuts that penalise the least well off.
  • Calls on registered social landlords operating in Calderdale to refrain from seeking possession of properties where arrears are substantially due to tenants struggling to cope with the impact of the ‘Bedroom Tax’.
  • Asks the government to axe this measure which will cut the benefit paid to some of Calderdale’s most vulnerable residents.”


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