Bedroom Tax question to Cabinet meeting May 2013


Question asked to Councillor T Swift at the Calderdale Council Cabinet Meeting 8th May 2013



“At the Council Meeting on 24 April 2013, Calderdale Council agreed to call on registered social landlords operating in Calderdale to refrain from seeking possession of properties where arrears are substantially due to tenants struggling to cope with the impact of the ‘Bedroom Tax’. Will Calderdale Council take the strongest possible action to urge registered social landlords to adopt this policy? What steps will the Council take in the first instance to effect this?”



“Calderdale Council meets regularly with Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) who operate in the Borough. As part of our meetings we are discussing the issue of how welfare reform is impacting on their tenants. During these discussions we are strongly encouraging RSL’s to carefully consider the options available to them to assist tenants affected by the ‘Bedroom Tax’, whilst meeting their regulatory and legal requirements in terms of being a responsible landlord.

We will work in partnership with our RSL partners to provide housing advice, via our Housing Options service (provided at the Doorways Office, Woolshops) to all residents who are concerned about the impact of welfare reform on their housing situation. We have already ensured that those people needing to move home as a result of welfare reform changes are given additional priority within the Council’s joint allocation scheme with Pennine Housing 2000.

The Council will monitor rates of possession by Registered Providers and review results as soon as there is enough data to identify trends.”


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