Calderdale SOS in Action

In SOS in Action on September 16, 2012 at 4:26 pm

Don't Bulldoze Our Library

Next Day of Action, on Friday 21st September, 11am – 2pm outside Calderdale Central Library. DBOL will be encouraging people to sign Flyers saying they support DBOL’s aims of keeping the Library on Northgate, as well as to take part in the official consultation. Click to download Don’t Bulldoze Our Libraries’ Flyer. Link to our Halifax Library Campaign page. Official Consultation Deadline is on 30th September.


TUC Demonstration
‘A Future That Works’ – TUC National Demonstration called for Saturday 20 October. Calderdale SOS is hoping to provide transport to the demonstration if we can raise enough funds. Details of public meting / fundraising event to be announced soon.


Keep our NHS public

Keep Our NHS Public: New SOS web pages including details of the new local NHS structure that will officially take over on 1 April 2013. Click here.


Council Tax Benefit Cuts: Council Tax Benefit is being replaced by a Local Authority run Council Tax Support Scheme. The Government is cutting the funds for this by 10%. Click for Consultation on Calderdale Council’s proposals. Consultation deadline 5 October 2012.


National Student Demonstration called for 21 November read more



Disability rights protesters invade government building Channel 4 News 31 August; BBC coverage; more coverage – Kate Belgrave. A number of Calderdale SOS supporters took part in the demonstration at the ATOS office in Leeds on Tuesday 28 August.


Public Sector Pensions Campaign – UNISON to ballot on Coalition pension plans 31 July to 24 August. Unite calls for reopening of NHS pensions’ talks. Go to our Public Sector Pensions Campaign page for more information



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